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Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments

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Tire Rotations And Wheel Alignments Available At Audi Sugar Land

Your Audi requires many different routine maintenance and repairs to be performed on a regular basis. Two of these services are tire rotations and wheel alignments. These routine maintenance issues are an important part of keeping your vehicle ready for any Sugar Land or Houston area drive and will ensure a healthy tire and wheel combination.

What Is A Tire Rotation?

To put it simply, a tire rotation is the switching of each tires position to keep even wear on all four tires. Unlike many believe, all four tires don't wear at the same rate. Some tires wear more or less depending on how you drive, where around Richmond, TX you drive, and what type of roads you drive on. You'll want to have your tires rotated routinely to keep the wear even.

When Should I Rotate my Tires?

Every car and SUV is different, but most models are recommended to have their tires rotated at every oil change or every 5,000 miles. To be sure of your specific Audi's timeline, we recommend checking in the owner's manual.

Why is a Tire Rotation Important?

There are many reasons why a tire rotation is an important part of your routine maintenance. The top three include:

  1. Maximize Your Tire's Life - If you rotate your tires to ensure even wear, your tires will last longer and won't leave you with an expensive tire purchase more often than you should have to.
  2. Even Tire Tread - If one tire's tread is lower than the others, it will lead to an unbalanced vehicle. Making sure that your car is balanced is important for traction, performance, and handling.
  3. Less Stress - Especially in an all-wheel drive vehicle, if your tires have even tread, it will be less stress on your drive components.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is when all four tires are placed at the right angle with the road and each other. This allows your car to be in balance and puts less pressure on the other driving components.

When Does my Car Need a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignments are essential when you first place tires on a vehicle. Whether you're exchanging old tires for brand-new ones or you're switching from summer tires to winters (or vice versa), your tires will need to be balanced afterward. Your car may also need an alignment if you've recently hit a curb or pothole and your alignments been knocked out of whack. You'll know if your vehicle needs an alignment if it veers to the right or left when it should be going straight.

Why is a Wheel Alignment Needed?

When your car is aligned, it's not only better for your overall drive, but it's also better for the health of your vehicle. A balanced car will prolong the lifespan of your tires and vehicle and will provide a safer drive.

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