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Don't Forget Your Multi-Point Inspection At Audi Sugar Land

Whether you're cruising around Missouri City in a stunning Audi sportscar or you're driving the family around Houston in an Audi SUV, you'll want to make sure your Audi vehicle is in tip-top shape. The best way for you to accomplish this goal is to have it routinely inspected and maintained. A multi-point inspection is just one of the many ways you keep your Audi running strong for many driving miles.

What Is A Multi-Point Inspection?

Similar to your yearly physical, a multi-point inspection is a yearly checkup for your car or SUV. A certified Audi technician will monitor and check every part of your vehicle to ensure that nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. If there's something wrong or signs that a problem is forming, the multi-point inspection will catch it and alert you before it becomes unrepairable.

What Does a Multi-Point Inspection Include?

While every brand and service center contains a different inspection process, most multi-point inspections come with similar covered components. These may include:

  • Engine Components
  • Exterior Components like exterior lights, paint, windshield, etc.
  • Brake System
  • Battery Health
  • Chassis Components
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Interior Components like interior technology, horn, heater, etc.
  • Various Fluids Checks like transmission, windshield washer, coolant, etc.
  • Hoses and Belts
  • And Much More!

How Long Does a Multi-Point Inspection Take?

A typical multi-point inspection lasts for about three hours, but can vary depending on the list of items that need to be inspected. To get a better idea of how long your Audi's multi-point inspection may last, talk with one of our service technicians.

How Much Does a Multi-Point Inspection Cost?

The cost of a multi-point inspection is decided by the type of vehicle you have and what warranties are available. Some multi-point inspections have a fee, while others may be free. You may also find a multi-point inspection deal within our service specials collection.

How Will I Know What Needs To Be Replaced?

When you go back to pick up your Audi, you'll be given a list of components that were inspected. This list should be color-coded to show you what needs to be fixed right away, what will need to be repaired in the future, and what is good to go.

  • Red - Repair Required ASAP
  • Yellow - Repair Needed In The Future
  • Green - Good To Go

When Should You Schedule A Multi-Point Inspection?

Multi-point inspections should be performed on a yearly basis. Even if your Audi seems fine, you should have it inspected once a year, just to be sure that there isn't a problem forming underneath. If you're planning a long road trip, you should also have your car inspected before you go.

Talk With Our Audi Sugar Land Service Center To Learn More

Does your Audi car or SUV need a multi-point inspection near Rosenburg, TX? If so, our Audi Sugar Land service and parts center are here to help! Use our online service scheduling tool to schedule a multi-point inspection on any new or used vehicle you may have. Our certified Audi technicians would be happy to inspect your Audi and keep you safe on the Sugar Land area roads! We also perform many other routine maintenance and repair services, which will help keep your Audi car or SUV like new. Contact us with any questions you may have or stop by our Sugar Land, TX, dealership at your next convenience.