Drivability Diagnosis

Drivability Diagnosis

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Determine What's Wrong With Your Vehicle With A Drivability Diagnosis

Have you noticed that something doesn't feel right when you drive your Audi A4 around Houston? Is there an odd noise coming from your Audi Q5, but you aren't sure what's making the sound? In these situations, you need to have a certified Audi technician find the problem before it becomes a larger issue. The best way to do that is to have a drivability diagnostic test performed.

What Is A Drivability Diagnosis?

When automotive technicians talk about the problems with a vehicle, they like to use the term drivability diagnostic or drivability diagnosis. Most vehicles include a list of diagnostic fault codes that are set for each type of vehicle problem. A technician can plug in a simple computer device to see which diagnostic fault code appears and fix the problem from there. Sometimes, though, the computer fails to find a diagnostic fault code, leaving the technician having to explore the vehicle more thoroughly.

Why Wasn't a Diagnostic Fault Code Found?

There are a few reasons why no code was found. These include:

  • Age of the vehicle - If your car is an older model, it may not have any codes
  • Failing to start or being hard to start
  • Surging while driving certain speeds or hesitating when you accelerate
  • Running roughly
  • And much more!

How Can You Help With The Drivability Diagnostic Process?

You know your car better than anyone else. You may not understand the mechanics behind it, but you do know how it handles, what type of quirks it has, and if something doesn't feel right. If a diagnostic fault code isn't found, you can help the technician by describing what's wrong with your vehicle in great detail. Is there a sound? What does it sound like? Is there a specific speed that your car doesn't feel right at? Does your car feel different when you turn or when you're going straight? Be honest and let your technician know as much as you do. No detail is too small.

What Happens If We Discover What's Wrong?

Throughout the diagnostic process, our technicians will inspect, test, and try out every part of your vehicle until they figure out what the problem is. Once the issue is found, the first step is to contact you. We want you to be informed throughout every step of the drivability diagnostic process, including knowing the repair suggestion and how much the estimated cost will be. Once you approve the repair, we'll start as soon as possible. It could be a simple fix that can be done right away, or something that requires a part to be ordered from our parts center. No matter the issue, our service team will do what we can to get your car in tip-top shape.

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Whether your Audi Q7 is acting up, your Audi Q3 is having an issue, or you'd like us to take a closer look at your other new or used Audi, contact our Audi Sugar Land dealership. Our team of certified Audi technicians are available to assist every Sugar Land, Richmond, TX, or beyond driver with their car service needs and will take care of your vehicle as if it's their own.