Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

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Learn More About Your Transmission Service And Clutch Replacement

Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, you'll want to ensure that it's well taken care of and ready to get you around Houston with ease. What is a transmission? To put it simply, a vehicle's transmission enables the gear ratio between the engine and the drive wheels to adjust as you speed up and slow down. There are many different types of transmissions that fall within either the manual or automatic transmission categories. Whichever transmission your vehicle has, it will require routine maintenance and repairs throughout its lifetime.

Four Common Transmission Services

1) Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

The transmission fluid in your automatic transmission lubricates the moving gears as you drive. With use, friction, heat, and time will break down this viscous fluid, stopping it from lubricating the transmission as it should and potentially leading to larger transmission damage if left unchanged. You'll want to have your Audi's transmission fluid changed as suggested in your owner's manual. For most models, an automatic transmission fluid change is recommended every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

What is the fluid change process like? First, the technician will remove the drain plug and completely drain the old fluid. Once the plug is inspected, and new fluid is placed into the transmission, the plug is reinserted.

2) Automatic Transmission Filter and Fluid Replacement

Inside the transmission is also a filter that can become dirty and covered in debris. The transmission fluid flows through this filter, allowing it to get rid of anything that shouldn't be in the fluid. If left unchanged, the fluid will have a harder time getting through the filter and won't be cleaned, causing larger issues.

What is the filter and fluid change process like? The technician will remove the transmission pan, replacing the old filter with a new one. The gasket material is also removed and replaced, and a transmission fluid exchange is performed as well.

3) Manual Transmission Service

Manual transmissions have a slightly different process because the manual transmission also has a clutch that needs to be serviced. When the transmission fluid is drained, it must be evacuated from the entire system, including the clutch, before the right type of transmission fluid is put back in. The clutch is then inspected, and the transmission plug is replaced. When should you have your manual transmission serviced? Because driving a stick shift is more involved, it's recommended to have your manual transmission serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

4) Complete Transmission Service

Available on either an automatic or manual transmission, a complete transmission service covers every detail of the transmission. This comprehensive transmission service includes:

  • Transmission fluid replacement
  • Transmission filter replacement
  • Transmission sump and pan inspection
  • Transmission pan cleaning and material replacement (if needed)
  • Clutch inspection (if applicable)
  • Inspection for friction damage or metal particles

When Do I Know My Clutch Needs To Be Replaced?

The clutch on a manual transmission will eventually need to be replaced. If you've noticed that the clutch in your car is causing noises, makes it hard to accelerate, is sticking, or feels spongy, you'll want to have it inspected. A clutch replacement is simple, but includes multiple steps that a trained technician would be happy to perform.

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