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Make Sure Your Vehicle Starts When Expected With Battery Service

There's nothing worse than running late for something only to get in your car, and it doesn't start. Not only is this frustrating, but it's also a sign that your car's battery requires service or a replacement. Most non-hybrid cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans come with what is known as a "wet-cell" battery. This battery is a plastic cube that contains lead and sulfuric acid, along with two terminals coming out of the top or the side. The battery is like the heart of your vehicle. It provides the power to start, move, and run your car. Over time, it will become too weak and will eventually need to be replaced.

Five Signs That Show Your Battery Is Dead

  1. Engine Cranks, But The Car Doesn't Start - If your engine turns over, but your car doesn't start, most likely your battery is dead. While it could be your starter, a dead battery is the more likely culprit. You can use jumper cables and another vehicle to jumpstart your battery.
  2. Nothing Happens - No Start, No Crank, No Lights - If nothing happens, then your battery is most likely completely out of juice. You can try to jumpstart it, but your battery may just need to be replaced.
  3. One Day It Starts, The Next Day It Doesn't - If some days your car starts fine and others it gives you a hard time, you'll want to check the battery terminals. They could be loose, broken, or corroded, and may be the problem. It could also mean that you're dealing with a parasitic draw, which is when the power is being drained by something else that's supposed to be off.
  4. Starting Your Car For The First Time Is Hard Work - Referred to as "cold cranking," starting your car for the first time each day takes more energy out of your battery. If it takes a few tries to "cold crank" your car in the morning, it could be a sign that your battery is dying.
  5. You've Jumped It A Lot - If you've had to jump your car a lot recently (and by a lot, we mean more than three times a week), your battery is dying and needs to be replaced.

Why Do I Need To Replace My Car's Battery?

Besides the obvious reason of the annoyance that comes with having to jumpstart your car, there are plenty of mechanical reasons as well. Not only does having to have your battery jumped often affect the alternator, but it also puts excess wear and tear on your starter. If these parts are damaged, you'll be looking at a much larger and more expensive repair bill.

How Long Does A Battery Last?

This depends on your car, how often you drive, and how well you take care of your battery. Most batteries have a normal life expectancy of two or three years, with some manufacturers boasting that theirs can last up to five years.

What can Affect the Lifespan of the Battery?

Car batteries can be affected by many things. Some of these include:

  • Weather - Batteries don't like the extreme cold or heat
  • Idling - Leaving your car idling for long periods of time can drain the battery
  • Lights On - Accidentally leaving lights on in your vehicle will drain the battery
  • Multiple Jump Starts - The more you jump your car, the worse your battery will be
  • Age - The older your battery gets, the more likely it will need to be replaced
  • Corrosion - Over time, the battery or terminals can become corroded

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