Do you have an old vehicle that you'd like to get rid of? Have you been considering trading in your current car for a brand-new Audi model? Whatever the case may be, our Audi Sugar Land dealership would love to buy your vehicle from you today!

Why Should You Sell Your Vehicle to Our Audi Sugar Land Dealership?

We understand that there are many ways you could sell your car, truck, SUV, or van. So, why bring it to our Audi Sugar Land dealership? Not only are we located just a short drive away from Houston, Rosenberg, TX, or beyond, but we also offer many selling benefits a private sale won't contain. These include:

  • Market Value Prices - We want every customer to be given a fair, honest, and market value offer for their vehicle. Whether you have a newer Audi or you're looking to sell an older car from a different brand, we'll give you a fair offer.
  • Quick Selling Process - We understand that your time is valuable and that most of our Texas drivers are looking for a quick sale. No appointment is required for a vehicle estimate. Simply stop by our Audi Sugar Land dealership, and our team will begin the selling/buying process. We'll inspect, research, and test drive the vehicle and will then provide an estimate right away. We don't need to think about it or take a few days to discuss it.
  • We Handle the Paperwork - Our team knows exactly what type of paperwork is required for a car sale and will have whatever forms are needed readily available. There's no need for you to look up the rules and regulations for selling cars in Texas, as we deal with car sales all the time. Once filled out, we'll file it ourselves.
  • Trade-In Value or Cash is Offered - Once you receive our final offer, you have ten days or 500 miles (whichever comes first) to accept or decline it. Everything is negotiable and, once a price has been settled on, we can either give you cash or use the car as a trade-in value towards your next vehicle purchase.

What Should You Bring to the Car Sale?

Whether you know for sure that you want to sell your vehicle or you're still trying to figure out what you'd like to do, you'll still want to bring the following items with you. We can't complete the sale if you don't have them.

  • Every Titleholder - Anyone that is a titleholder needs to be at the sale.
  • Valid License - Every titleholder should also have a valid driver's license or state-issued photo ID.
  • Title or Pay-Off Information - If you have the title, we'll need it. If you're still paying the vehicle off, we'll need the rest of the pay-off information.
  • Keys and Other Items - Anything that came with the vehicle when you bought it will need to be brought with it. This includes keys, valet keys, key fobs, the driver's manual, and anything else you can think of. It's better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Contact Audi Sugar Land With Any Questions

Aren't sure if you want to sell your vehicle to our Audi Sugar Land dealership? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us or stop by our Sugar Land, TX, showroom today!