Virtual Reality (VR) has become an outstanding tool for the Audi team. Known mainly for their place in the video game world, VR glasses and controllers have become quite popular with many online and recreational gamers. The Audi team saw the potential for something even greater, though. They discovered that Virtual Reality could make planning the assembly process for new cars less time consuming, less expensive, and much easier.

With the idea in hand, Markus Moinot, the Head of Production Planning Processes at Neckarsulm, and his team created the assembly process for the Audi e-tron® GT completely on virtual reality. Moinot was quoted as saying, "The Audi e-tron® GT is the first car in the Group to have all its assembly processes and the associated logistics processes tested without an actual prototype."

How Does The VR Assembly Process Work?

First they needed a thorough 360-degree scan of the area that they're working with. Once they have that, they can customize the software and hardware to create a "virtual copy of the production facility". From there they can change the layout, move the equipment, and create the perfect production assembly line for each car without having to spend the time and money moving it in real life. The Virtual Reality portion comes in when people can test the productivity ease of each trial to see which one would work best for the real-life production facility.

Discover Your New Audi In Real-Life

While we don't have any Virtual Reality Audi models set up, yet anyways, we do offer a long-list of new and pre-owned Audi cars and SUVs at our Audi Sugar Land dealership. Feel free to stop by for a test drive, see how our Audi finance works, and ask us any questions you may have.

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