If you're like most people, your daily commute to and from work can be a bit of a chore. Not only is this time wasted that could be potentially spent accomplishing other tasks, but it may even add to your annoyance level with traffic problems, road rage, and frustrating situations. Audi may have an answer to your daily commute problems: the future Audi AI:ME.

Combining the self-driving car with the living-room experience, the Audi AI:ME is designed to transport you back home while you spend the time relaxing in a space that's filled with the touches of home. James Nissen, the Interior Architect Designer of the Audi AI:ME, said, "We want to offer users a unique experience and a new place to get away from it all - a kind of third living space - and as much comfort and freedom as possible." This is exactly what the Audi AI:ME will do.

First you'll have to choose whether you drive or the self-driving car takes the proverbial wheel. If you switch it to self-driving, the steering wheel will fold down and a table will fold out to allow you space to do whatever you want. Read, watch a movie, sleep, play games; whatever you want to spend your commute time doing, the Audi AI:ME will let you do it. you can also turn your chair around to face the other passengers, allowing for a better carpooling experience.

The Audi AI:ME will even have plants, to allow for better air quality and a more relaxing atmosphere. These real climbing plants hang on the see-through roof and brighten up any drive.

See What Audi Sugar Land Has To Offer While You Wait For The Future

The Audi AI:ME will be available in the future, but for now, we encourage our Texas drivers to stop by our Audi Sugar Land dealership to see what new Audi cars and SUVs we currently have to offer. Come take a test drive, talk to our associates, and discover why the Audi brand is what you'll want to invest in.

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