Discover the First Fully Electric Audi SUV – The Upcoming New Audi e-tron®

If you want to experience a fierce and lean ride, the innovations of Audi take things to new heights with the new Audi e-tron® prototype. This upcoming fully electric SUV will sport exciting power and acceleration from two electric motors and will even make traveling in inclement conditions a simple task with its innovative new electric quattro® all-wheel drive. The SUV will also have a 95 kWh battery that will be able to make long road trips possible and efficient, and the vehicle will have 150 kW charging capability.

When inside the forward-thinking Audi e-tron®, you will experience an exquisite interior that’s serene and offers a gamut of technology. Not only will it have a sturdy construction as well as noise reduction properties from its quiet handling and dual pane windows, but there will be a variety of features that you will be able to see inside of your SUV. A couple of available items include things such as the MMI® touch response feature that makes navigating amenities easy, as well as ambient LED lighting that will add a forward-thinking touch to the tech-savvy vehicle. Monitoring the Audi e-tron® will also be convenient. You will be able to keep track of its battery charge and personalize various settings with the Audi mobile app.

Visit Audi Sugar Land for Updates on the Upcoming New Audi e-tron®

Are you interested in the impending Audi e-tron®, and would like to get to know more about the prototype? To get additional details on what this upcoming electric SUV will offer, we would be delighted to speak with you here at our Audi dealership in Sugar Land. Though the Audi e-tron® isn’t here yet, there are many Audi models that we do currently have on the lot that may interest you. Stop by and see us if you are in the market for a luxury car or SUV that can propel your driving experience.

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