Audi e-Tron Unveiled as an All-Electric SUV

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Audi has done something different. They have combined the concepts of a family SUV with sporty performance and made it electric. The Audi e-Tron is an all-electric SUV model that is now available for U.S. customers to place reservations on.

What Does the Audi e-Tron Look Like?

The Audi e-Tron is a spacious five-seat mid-sized premium SUV. It is lined with dynamic exterior lines that are engineered to improve aerodynamics. It has a total cargo capacity of 28.5 cubic feet with the seats down but this can be extended to 57 cubic feet when you fold the rear seats down.

This new electric Audi model utilizes a sporty design as well. This is accomplished by a sculpted rear, long roof spoiler and a wide diffuser. The platinum gray grille will turn heads as you drive through the city while the LED headlights, four horizontal struts and iconic rims will drop jaws.

Audi e-Tron Performance Standards

Under the hood, this new electric SUV has two electric motors. It allows the Audi e-Tron to accelerate from zero to 60 in only 5.5 seconds. It has the potential to reach a top speed of 124 miles per hour. When you own one of these competitively priced SUV models, you won’t be able to help yourself and want to get on the highway as soon as possible.

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If you are interested in the Audi e-Tron but you have a few questions then give our dealership a call! Our team understands the ins and outs of Audi vehicles and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. They can even show you the process of ordering one of your own!

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