Selecting Your Next Audi: Vehicle Selection, and Specification Demystification

When shopping for your next vehicle, determining what specifications matter most can prove difficult without delving into mechanical explanations of vehicle components. To streamline your purchasing process and assist in expediting your selection whilst alleviating stress, Audi Sugar Land's expert sales professionals are fully equipped and ready to aid you throughout your next vehicle purchase. However, here are a few points to consider for your next vehicle purchase to ensure your vehicle selection remains a stress-free, straightforward process.

Body Style

While seemingly straightforward, the vast array of body styles available today can become confusing, quickly - crossover SUV, full-size SUV, midsize sedan... these terms largely refer to vehicle construction, and can indicate various handling and capability properties of a vehicle. For example, a crossover SUV does not feature a full-frame construction, opting for a unibody construction more closely related to cars such as coupes and sedans. This means crossovers typically offer more nimble handling and superior on-road comfort, while not offering comparable off-road or heavy-duty capabilities as their full-sized or mid-sized counterparts. Typically, drivers seeking additional passenger and cargo capacity without opting for an off-road capable vehicle will find themselves satisfied with crossovers or sedans. However, drivers seeking on-road performance capabilities will likely discover coupes best suit their preferences, while the intrepid adventurer will opt for the more robust SUV featuring additional cargo capacity and high-strength construction for off-road excursions.


Selecting the proper driveline can occasionally prove complex - with terms such as "all-wheel drive" and "four-wheel drive" often used interchangeably, drivers may find themselves confused by the array of options available. Generally, all-wheel drive vehicles serve as the ideal middle ground between the capability of the heavier, off-road optimized four-wheel drive system, and the efficiency and handling properties of front or rear-wheel drive vehicles. Audi, with the unique and iconic quattro® all-wheel drive system, provides drivers with an unparalleled all-wheel drive system suited to benefit an array of driving styles for drivers seeking control both on and off-road.

Horsepower vs Torque

Two frequently discussed vehicle specifications are horsepower and torque - however, rarely are these specifications explained for drivers lesser-acquainted with automotive terminology. Torque determines the amount of "pull" your vehicle has, determining acceleration from standstill and towing capabilities. Typically, larger displacement engines and diesel engines exert higher quantities of torque at lower RPMs. Conversely, horsepower measures the quantity of work over time - thus, it is calculated by the RPM and torque exerted by the engine. Horsepower contributes to highway passing power, acceleration once already moving, and keeping payloads moving. Generally, if you need to tow, look for torque - if you enjoy racing around tracks, look for higher horsepower.

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