The Audi A8: The Center of Automotive Management's Most Innovative Model of 2018

Audi upholds a rich, decade-old reputation for industry-defining innovation and meticulous craftsmanship unparalleled by countless competing brands. Continually evolving to meet the ever-expanding needs and desires of drivers worldwide who demand the utmost in innovative technology and advanced mechanical engineering, Audi's commitment to unrelenting modernization and development results, once more, in internationally-recognized accolades. With the Audi A8 receiving the Center of Automotive Management and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG's "Most Innovative Model of 2018" award, and the Audi brand receiving the "Most Innovative Premium Brand" in the autonomous driving and safety category, drivers receive the assurance that with every Audi purchased comes an assurance of unmatched technological integration.

The Audi A8 - Notable Features

The Audi A8 features an adaptive driving assistant - a system designed to maintain proper vehicle positioning despite surrounding complications. For drivers dreading their stressful daily commute through traffic-ridden streets and highways, the Audi adaptive driving assistant and accompanying Audi pre sense® 360 system employs a network of sensors to not only minimize injury in the event of an imminent accident, but to potentially avoid collision altogether. Raising the suspension up to eighty millimeters to minimize side impact severity with the Audi AI active suspension, the Audi A8's advanced features work seamlessly to provide optimal safety while enhancing the overall driving experience - an uncompromising design.

Audi Sugar Land: Exclusive Inventory of the Audi A8

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