Learn More about the Audi Traffic Jam Pilot

The piloted Audi A8 will use externally mounted 3D cameras, radar, and infrared sensors to watch the road and traffic ahead. Inside, two cameras watch the driver’s eyes. If the driver starts falling asleep, doesn't keep their eyes on the road, or if the car needs to return control to the driver, it will chime in an attempt to bring the driver's attention back on the road ahead.

Simply put, with Traffic Jam Pilot system, drivers will need to watch the road and traffic jam ahead – so napping, texting, and other distracting activities will be a thing of the past.

Andy Boxall explains the concept in more detail “Closing in on three lanes of slow moving cars, the digital display in front of the driver glows white around the edges, subtly indicating the Traffic Jam Pilot is available. It only operates below 60km/h, or 37.3mph, on the highway, and in nose-to-tail traffic. It doesn’t work in towns, on non-highway roads, or in open traffic. In the centre panel by the gearstick is a button marked Audi AI. Press that, take your hands from the wheel, and the system comes alive. The screen changes to show a digital A8 riding along in traffic, with a handy green bar below it showing the speed and how close you are to having to retake control.”

Although this feature isn’t available to drivers yet, you can still visit Audi Sugar Land to test drive your favorite Audi models. If you have any questions regarding our new inventory, please feel free to contact us.

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