One of the most important parts of your vehicle are the brakes. Every time that you apply the brake pedal, friction is created. This friction, combined with the heat that is attached to it, can cause your brake pads to wear and even crack.

Although there is no specific time-line suggested for brake inspections. We recommend getting them looked at every time you have your tires rotated. Since your tires are off anyway, it should be relatively easy for the mechanics to check out your brakes.

Are there any signs that my brakes need to be checked?

Yes! There are many red flags that may appear. These include:

  • A brake light warning on your dashboard appears
  • An acidic or burning odor occurs when you apply the brakes
  • Your brakes feel "spongy" when you press down on them
  • A vibration or shudder is felt when you use the brakes
  • A quiet squeal, that becomes louder when left unchecked, occurs

One or more of these may happen and, if so, you should schedule an appointment with the service center as soon as you can. The service center at Audi Sugar Land can inspect your brakes, replace the brake pads, and perform any other maintenance that you may need. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us you can do so with our online schedule service tool, by calling us directly, or stopping by our Sugar Land, TX, dealership.

Don't let your brakes go uninspected. Let our trained technicians get you safely back out on the road.

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