Audi Pre-Sense Takes Safety To A Whole New Level

Sometimes the unexpected happens and, if we aren't prepared for it, it can lead to an accident or collision. The Audi Company wants to make sure that you are as prepared as you can be so they have included multiple safety features in the Audi Q5.

  • Audi Pre-Sense Basic - If your Audi Q5 detects an imminent collision then it will get your car ready by shutting the windows, tightening your seatbelts and getting your brakes ready to be used.
  • Audi Pre-Sense City - Whether it be a pedestrian, like in the video above, or another vehicle, pre-sense city will alert you of any possible collisions and will apply the brakes for you, if necessary.
  • Audi Side Assist with Pre-Sense Rear - The sensors on the sides and rear of your vehicle will sound an alarm if they detect anyone in your blind spots or behind you if you are in reverse.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Assist - An available rear camera helps you see just exactly where you are backing up and the traffic assist will apply the brakes if it senses an impending collision.
  • Vehicle Exit Assist - Once you arrive at your destination, Audi wants you to still be safe as you exit or enter your vehicle. They have added available LED lights that will let you know if someone or something is approaching your open door.

These are just some of the innovative features that the Audi Q5 and other Audi models have to offer. If you would like to learn more, feel free to browse through our online inventories, contact us with any questions, or visit us at Audi Sugar Land, right here in Sugar Land, TX.

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