Audi gets license to test autonomous driving cars on the open road in New York!

If you're like many of us here at Audi Sugar Land, you're likely drawn to the Audi brand due to its penchant for innovation. With technologies ranging from its outstanding Audi quattro all-wheel drive to the connectivity and customization offered via the Audi virtual cockpit system on many new Audi models, the Audi brand seems to always be on the cutting edge of automotive ingenuity. And it shows no signs of slowing down, as it was recently announced that Audi has received one of the first licenses to test automated vehicles in New York.

This week, Audi unveiled the vehicle seen in the tweet above at the New York state capitol in Albany. Now, Audi is by no means the first automaker to test autonomous driving vehicle technology, but with this special license it makes a significant step towards a future where vehicles like the one above are available to the public.

Audi autonomous driving technologies will be undergoing a year-long pilot program in New York, so make sure to look out for them if you ever find yourself in the Big Apple. However, if you don’t want to venture far but still want to experience all the innovative technology in our latest Audi models, feel free to pay us a visit at Audi Sugar Land to see all the Audi models you can still test drive today!

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